nab. was founded in 2019 in Istanbul, Turkey in order to provide the necessities for your body, soul and living spaces without harming you, your loved ones and the environment.
nab. shouts out a strong message with its motto “no artificial bullsh*t” and offers a selection of handmade, natural, additive-free and highly beneficial products, just as it should be.
While today’s retail atmosphere is aggressively redefining the description of our daily needs, nab. would like to remind you that the natural and useful remedies were discovered centuries ago. nab. aims to prove the miracle of simple and natural products; you can easily clean and nourish your skin with a soap bar or get rid of your migraine pain with a couple drops of essential oils.
nab. tries to follow ancient formulas and upgrade them in a sustainable and ethical way which means you may not find those so-called beauty products that show-off but don’t work in our store.
Ready to discover a world full of hand made and natural products? Click here for our Amazon UK page, here for nab. London Instagram page and here for nab. Swiss Instagram page.
* nab. provides a selection of natural and handmade soap bars and skincare products, aromatherapy oils, special design handmade ceramics and hand rolled beeswax candles. While nab. is currently working on extending its product selection, products available in the UK and Switzerland may vary due to COVID-19 shipping restrictions.